Our Mission and Aims

Late Bloomers Rehabilitation Centre, a project of the Aashirbad Trust is a non-profit, residential treatment centre. It is meant for the treatment of Alcohol/Drug other substance addictions along with co-morbid mental illness. OUR TARGET GROUP COVERS MEN OF ALL AGES. We say and firmly believe that addiction can be arrested. We have been instrumental in bringing numerous people into the path of recovery.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are big problems and our Rehab Centre has the Solution.

Late Bloomers Rehabilitation Centre is a leading treatment facility for addictions – alcoholism, drug abuse and dual disorders. Late Bloomers Rehabilitation Centre has a reputation for its commitment toward safe, confidential and effective treatment. Clients and their families from all over India come here for treatment.

The abstinence based recovery program is based on Minnesota Model. 12 Step oriented, with CBT, Yoga, meditation and other therapies including Group/ Occupational/ Vocational. We include Yoga/ Meditation/ Physical Exercise as a part of the treatment plan, along with medical and psychiatric assistance. Inpatient and outpatient options offer intensive programs including relapse prevention and follow-ups.

The Family Support Program provides constructive support and care for the whole family. Classes and counseling sessions are arranged for the family to help understand the degree of addiction as a disease.

We know that each alcoholic and addict is unique. We create a unique alcoholism and drug addiction recovery plan for each client. Their recovery plan will usually be a combination of approaches. The recovery plan will include a strong focus on Minnesota Model. We don’t know of any other treatment centre that helps clients implement their recover plan with the level of involvement you will find at our centre. Which helps changes their thought and behavior during their tenure at the rehab.

Your loved-one’s experience while at our rehab will have a permanent effect and they will enjoy the experience. Their recovery plan will not be easy but we hear belly laughs at our rehab centre from men who have not had more than a chuckle in years. We have a saying here: “Laughter is the sound effect of recovery.”

For each patient a case worker coordinate the plan of recovery. The person coordinates between a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Other Multidisciplinary Doctors, Social Worker, Peer Counsellors and the group/family.

Late Bloomers Rehabilitation Centre is leading India in alcohol and drug addiction recovery. The success rate of recovery is much higher in comparison to many rehab.

  • Who We Are

    Late Bloomers Rehabilitation centre, a project of the Aashirbad Trust, is a dream child of the recovering addicts and the family members of the sufferers of this menace of chemical dependency. As these people came out from the paws of active addiction, they decided t offer their lives for the service of the people and families of still suffering.

  • What We Do

    Pre admission counselling by psychologist/psychotherapists

    Detoxification by qualified multi disciplinary doctors and other medical professionals.

    Rehabilitation through psychotherapy group therapy, Occupational therapy, vocational training and placement.

    Empathetically nurturing the amalgamation of addicts and mentally ill into the main stream life with a commitment to stay along with them in every ebb and flow.

  • Why We Are There

    To facilitate the awareness among people regarding the menace of addiction.

    To offer a holistic solution to the problem of addiction encamp using treatment, rehabilitation, after care and follow-up services.

  • What We Offer

    • Detoxification
    • Rehabilitation
    • Day Care
    • Half-way Home
    • Family counselling