The whole process, initially, is conducted in the inhouse basis. The patient admitted, after fulfilling the official formalities, immediately goes through a primary health check-up under the supervision of the RMO/ Nursing Assistants. The report is immediately conveyed to the Chief Medical Officer i.e The Physiatrist and the general physician. As soon as the advice are received the treatment begins in the following way:-
1. Detoxification (Blood test may be done as per the Doctor’s suggestion). Our primary goal in this period of detoxification is to take out the patient form the withdrawl syntroms/ chemical dependency. As and when the patient stabilizes we bring him into the stabilization period.
2. What do we do in the stabilization period:- The patient will be brought in the daily schedule which starts form 7.30 AM will participate in all the activities, mostly comprising of different therapies like meditation, pranayam, music therapy, group therapy etc.. This period continues for the first month of the rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation starts with understanding and realization of addiction as a disease. Explaining the gravity of addiction and the corollary character defects. We, primarily focus on 12 step Minnesota modal of therapy which as the time passes by brings in a wholistic change in the behavioral, thinking and personality pattern of the patient; taking him to a aspiritual resurrection.

The second month onwards the process speeds up, includes individual counseling, phychometry and phychotherapy, if needed.

From the third month onwards if everything goes according to the individualistic plan of recovery we slowly start merging the patient in the main stream of life and with the gathered experiences, feelings and emotions of the patient while facing main stream we, if needed, bring in changes in the individualistic plan of recovery. As the patient is ready we request the family members to take the patient home.
IN THE COUNSELLING PROCESS THE PARTICIPATION OF FAMILY MEMBERS IN MANDATORY unless otherwise there is a problem from the family member’s end for some unavoidable reasons.


    At present, we are offering rehabilitation for the people (Male Only) in any kind of addiction and/or suffering from mental illness. In short, service to them with a human face.


    • Detoxification
    • Rehabilitation
    • Vocational Training
    • Day Care (Male Only) for the people in addiction in Recovery.
    • Night Shelter ( Male Only) for the people in addiction in Recovery.

    We have the primary medical instruments to face an emergency situations at a basic level. In this arena we still have a lot to include. Thus in a grave physical condition of the patient, we take the patient immediately to the nearest hospitals/nursing homes. With some of which we have a tie up. But we also take the families suggestion and their choice where to put in the patient for better health benefit.